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What is a Unit Trust?

A unit trust is a collective investment that allows small investors like you and me to pool our money and invest in local and global stock markets and economies. You can invest directly or, if you don't know much about stocks and bonds, you can invest through an Old Mutual Financial Adviser. Our fund managers are responsible for growing your money in the unit trusts over time. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let your money make more money.
What's in it for you?
  • You don't need big bucks to get started
  • The ability to diversify (spread) your investment across markets, sectors and economies greatly reduces your investment risk
  • It's flexible. You can tailor your investment to suit your time frame and budget
  • You can access your money whenever you need to
  • Unit trusts are tax efficient
  • You can buy unit trusts directly or through a financial adviser
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What are you saving for?We're all striving for something. No matter your needs, Old Mutual Unit Trusts can help you at every life stage.
  • Home & security

    Looking for a place to call your own? That’s why we created the Old Mutual Investment Series, a core-range of 10 unit trust funds that can help you turn a house into a home.

  • Freedom & adventure

    Travel is good for the soul but can be tough on your savings. Grab your goals by setting that departure date and investing in the Old Mutual Investment Series.

  • Education & ambition

    Whether it's for you or your kids, design an education plan around your timeline and needs with our comprehensive range of over 40 unit trusts.

  • Retire & arrive

    Make your golden years sparkle by growing your savings with retirement unit trusts that give you an income long after you've logged off.

Why choose Old Mutual Unit TrustsThere are over 175 reasons why we know what we're doing.
We have a range of unit trusts designed to meet your goals.
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  • Yes, you can. As the parent or legal guardian, you will be required to sign all documentation until the minor reaches the age of 18 years. The unit trusts are legally the property of the minor. Alternatively, you may open the unit trust investment in your own name and manage it on behalf of the child. Investors who choose to do this can reference the ‘name’ of the unit trust account with the child’s name by using the account descriptor facility available.

  • You incur initial fees and annual fees:

    Initial fees:

    There are no initial administration fees for investment amounts of R500 (fund minimum) or more. A 2.30% initial administration fee is levied in the unlikely event that we accept investments of under R500 into our other funds.

    Initial adviser fees may be negotiated with your adviser to a maximum of 0.69% for fixed income funds and 3.45% for asset allocation and equity funds.

    Annual fees:

    Total Expense Ratio. The costs that comprises the TER include costs that the unit trust management company is unable to quantify upfront as they depend on specific or variable circumstances.

    The TER is an annualised value and includes:

    The annual service fee – this will include any performance fees;

    • The fund’s bank charges
    • The fund’s audit fees
    • Taxes (e.g. VAT, Securities Transfer Tax)
    • Custodian and trustee fees – custodians and trustees are appointed to protect the interests of the unitholders, and the fees pay for their services

    Other Expenses:

    Annual adviser fees, if applicable, agreed upon between the adviser and the client is deducted monthly through the sale of units;

    Brokerage fees – this is a portfolio fee and covers the trading costs incurred when buying and selling securities