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In a beautiful and diverse country like South Africa, we know and understand that no two people are the same. Over the last 175 years we have worked with different people at all stages of their lives. Everyone from a recently graduated doctor, the teacher with many years of experience, to the newly-weds who just found out that they are expecting, we have helped thousands of people to retire successfully, and we have held many hands through loss, and other unexpected life changes.

While there’s no certainty to the twists and turns life may take, having a trusted partner in a Financial Adviser and a solid financial plan is crucial to navigating most of life's changes successfully.
Where would you like to start?

We all have aspirations and goals and to reach them requires specific, personal plans.

Six steps to financial security and freedom

The world might be changing, but what’s important to us will always stay the same. Tried and tested methods work the best. Our Financial Advisers will take you through some fundamental steps so you can amplify your financial future.

Step One

The first meeting could be a chat over the phone, a meeting or a video conference. Whatever suits you best.

This first session is so that you and your Financial Adviser can get to know each other better so that your Financial Adviser can assess your current financial situation.

It’s also the perfect time for you to ask all your financial planning questions and enquire after the services we can offer you.

A young woman contacts an Old Mutual Financial Adviser to get started on her personal financial planning.
Step Two

This step gets to the nuts and bolts of your financial situation. You’ll discuss some of your financial aspirations whether it’s protecting, investing or saving and everything in between. 

Your Financial Adviser will prepare an in-depth analysis in-depth where you are right now and provide some more meaningful insights.

A South African woman discusses her financial situation and goals with an accredited Financial Adviser.
Step Three

Using all the insights and information from the first two steps, your Financial Adviser will use our market-leading tools and systems to prepare a personalised financial plan that takes every single aspect into account.

An Old Mutual Financial Adviser helps a client with financial coaching by creating a personal financial plan.
Step Four

Once the plan is complete, your Financial Adviser will present it to you with some additional options to consider.  

All of what was agreed in the previous four steps will be included here as far as addressing your unique dreams and goals goes. 

You’re of course welcome to suggest tweaks at this stage, this is your financial plan after all. 

A client listens to the financial plan presented by a Financial Adviser as part of the financial coaching process.
Step Five

This comprehensive financial plan is only as useful as it can be implemented and this is why deciding on which part of the plan to implement is so important. 

With the guidance of your Financial Adviser, you’ll choose the most appropriate financial solutions to fulfil those needs at this step.

An Old Mutual client talks to their Financial Adviser about how to implement the financial plan, and which financial solutions are appropriate.
Step Six

Things change with time and it’s important to review your plan annually so that any circumstances or life events that may have happened, can be addressed. Think of it as an annual financial check-up where you can track progress and make whatever changes are necessary at that time.

We firmly believe that financial freedom and prosperity starts with having a plan, and sticking to your plan through the ups and downs is as important. Old Mutual Financial Advisers are accredited and trained to coach you on your financial planning journey and they’ll always be that certain friend in uncertain times.

A graph that explains the 6 steps of financial planning you can go through with an Old Mutual Financial Adviser.
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