It takes a villageLighten the load of funeral costs with the
Burial Society Support Plan.
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What is the Burial Society Support Plan?

We can never replace the support our community gives us when we lose a loved one. We'll complement it. The Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan is a funeral plan that is designed for collectives such as churches, stokvels, NGOs and clubs (family and social). For an affordable monthly premium, the plan makes a once-off payment that goes towards the funeral expenses of a society member or their family member.
What’s in it for you?
  • Affordable monthly premiums to suit your group's needs
  • Take advantage of multiple payment options
  • Adult dependents qualify for cover if they are dependent on the principal member and satisfy other criteria
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    Why choose Old Mutual's Burial Society Support PlanHere’s why societies go with us:
    Any Burial Society Support Plan questions? We have answersIf you want to chat more about this plan, give us a call on 0860 331 444.
    • All members are covered from day one if death is due to an accident. If death is not as a result of an accident, there is a waiting period. Suicide is not considered accidental death and will be subject to a six-month waiting period.

    • Your society or group chooses cover amounts based on the needs and requirements of the society or group. We will help you determine the monthly premiums, based on the society or group's membership and age profile. Premiums will be reviewed every year.