Funeral costs.
Get funeral cover
from R29* a month.

What is the EasiPlus Funeral Plan?

Got a big family? Maybe you have a small family. With EasiPlus Funeral Plan, you can insure yourself, spouse, dependent children, parents, in-laws and relatives should anything happen to you or them.

With cover starting from R5 000 to R70 000, and monthly premiums from R29*, the EasiPlus Funeral Plan makes taking care of funeral expenses affordable. 
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What’s in it for you?
  • Receive a lump sum (once-off payment) that can be used towards funeral costs
  • Get immediate cover for accidental death, from the moment your application is accepted
  • Miss up to 6 premiums during times of financial difficulty such as retrenchment, unemployment, maternity leave and study leave
  • We aim to pay within 48 hours of receiving all documentation for a valid claim
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Why choose Old Mutual's EasiPlus Funeral PlanHere’s why people choose us:
Any EasiPlus Funeral Plan questions? We have answers.If there’s anything else you want to know, let’s talk. Give our Customer Service Centre a call on 0860 22 52 46.

    Yes, your premiums will increase on 1 July every year, but your cover will not increase. You can choose not to increase your premiums in any year, but your current cover will reduce by the same proportion the premium should have increased. Let us know before 1 July of that year if you choose not to increase your premiums.

    You can cancel the plan within 31 days of receiving your policy contract if you have not claimed and we have not paid any benefits. All premiums already received before you cancelled will be refunded. We will not refund the premiums we have already received if you cancel the plan after the first 31 days.

    The Premium Holiday is a policy benefit that allows the policyholder to miss up to 6 premiums during times of financial difficulty such as retrenchment, unemployment, maternity leave and study leave and is a combination of:

    • Automatic Premium Holiday - available after the first premium is received. One automatic premium holiday per year
    • Requested Premium Holiday - available after 6 premiums have been received

    Your cover will stop when any of the below occurs - whichever happens first. 

    • You stop paying your premiums, and do not qualify for, or have completely used your Premium Holiday
    • You cancel the policy
    • You, the policyholder, passes away
    • All the insured persons pass away or are no longer eligible for cover under the family benefit

    The minimum entry age of the policyholder is 18. The maximum entry age for the policyholder is 65 and dependent children must be younger than 21 (26 if they are full time students) when you apply. The maximum age for parents, in-laws and extended family members is 84.

*The R29 pm is for someone up to age 19 buying individual cover for R5 000.