Boost your incomeInvest in one of our income generating
investments to supplement your earnings.
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What is investing for income?

Who doesn't like the idea of supplementing their income? With our range of income-generating funds you can do just that. You can draw an income from your investment portfolio by investing in certain funds from our unit trust range or from our MAX product range.
What's in it for you?
  • Supplement your income on a regular basis: annually, bi-annually, quarterly or monthly
  • Minimum investment amount is R10 000
  • A range of funds to choose from
  • You get a guaranteed income for a term of between 5 and 25 years if you opt for the MAX investment option
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How does investing for income workTo get the best out of this investment option you'll need a sizeable amount to invest upfront.
  • Choose your unit trust
    Invest a once-off sum of R10 000 or more.

    Invest a once-off sum of R10 000 or more.
    Choose a fund from one of three income-generating categories: interest income, dividend income or rental income.

  • Turn it to the Max
    Speak to a financial adviser for maximum benefit

    Speak to a financial adviser for maximum benefit.
    There's a selection of funds your adviser can assist you in choosing so that you can receive a guaranteed income for a set period.

  • Growth
    Investing in funds that will grow your capital

    Investing in funds that will grow your capital.
    While there is interest earned in the funds you choose the bulk of the growth comes from the increase in the value of the underlying shares.

Why invest for income with Old MutualLife's full of choices. We like to provide more.
Want to find out more about investing for income?Here are some answers to your questions. Need more? Call us on 0860 60 60 67 and let's chat.
  • Interest income: This is the result of investing in money market and bond funds. This income is taxed according to your applicable income tax rate (after your tax exemptions are exhausted). Unit trusts that pay interest income are generally lower risk and offer little to moderate growth, but good capital protection.

    Dividend income: Dividends are the portion of a company’s profits that is paid to shareholders, usually twice a year. Dividend income is currently tax free in your hands.

    Rental income: Paid by unit trusts that invest in listed property, this is also taxed according to your income tax rate. We offer the Old Mutual SA Quoted Property Fund for investors who are bullish on this sector.

  • No. Your post-retirement income must come from an annuity purchased by your retirement annuity savings. We have a number of annuity products available for just this requirement.

  • You can through the unit trust option but remember that this likely to decrease your investment capital and affect the income you receive.