Group savings
Make saving a group effort with the Old Mutual
Investment Club
, starting from R350 a month.
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What is the Investment Club?

Whether you want to move from tenant to landlord or employee to job-creator, why not do it with ou-lady, u-uncle and your BFF? Why not do it with the Old Mutual Investment Club? The next level for stokvels and Burial Societies, the Investment Club is a group savings plan that allows friends and family to save for long-term goals by growing your money, while growing your investment knowledge along the way.
What is the Investment Club?
  • Get access to your money - whenever
  • Increase, decrease or stop contributions - any time
  • Invest in lump sums, regular contributions or both
  • Get a dedicated financial adviser
  • Enjoy free Old Mutual Rewards

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How the Old Mutual Investment
Club works

The Investment Club is designed to make saving together, affordable, straight-forward and rewarding.

Members - Your club will agree on an amount that each member will contribute. Minimum contribution per member is R350 a month.

Club - All contributions from the club are collected and invested in the Old Mutual Invest Flexible Plan.

Funds - The contributions are invested in a selection of underlying funds.

    Why choose Old Mutual's
    Investment Club
    Here's why people go with us.
    Any questions? We have

    If there’s anything else you'd like to know, please give our Customer Service Centre a
    call on 0860 50 60 70.
    • We can help move your existing Investment Club or stokvel to Old Mutual, so you can start enjoying all the benefits of the Investment Club.

    • The investment funds are managed by Old Mutual and our range of funds are managed by our leading fund managers.

    • It depends on your savings goals. How much are you investing, what are you saving for and for how long do you want to invest for?

    • There is no term attached to the plan, so you choose how long and how often you want to invest

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