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What is a will?

A will or a testament is a set of instructions that spells out your wishes, from how you want your children to be taken care of to how your estate should be distributed to your loved ones, and those who depend on you financially. Sadly, without a will, the state decides the fate of your assets and could leave your loved one's struggling financially or even fighting over your estate. If you don't have one yet or want to make a new will, we're here to help you get started.  With us, you can create a will for free. Where there’s an Old Mutual Will, there’s a better way.

Why do I need a will?

You need it to make sure that your wishes are known for when you are no longer around and that your loved ones are well taken care of. A will helps you:

  • Take better care of your children and spouse
  • Ensure that your property, money and assets are dealt with accordingly
  • Remove the delays in winding up your estate
  • Save your estate thousands of rands
  • Give yourself and your loved one's peace of mind
A woman thinks about what she needs to include in her will.

Who should have a will?

It is best for everyone to have a will. Especially if you:

  • Married
  • Divorced
  • Have children
  • A young professional
  • Elderly
  • Aware that you are ill
  • Own property or a significant number of assets
  • Have valuable and sentimental possessions
  • Have a trust, offshore assets and investments
  • Have financial dependants

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How does it work?

1. Make sure your cell phone is nearby
2. Select the Create a Will button
3. Enter your South African ID number
4. Check your phone for the One Time Pin (OTP) that will be sent
5. Enter the OTP for the Password
6. And you’re in! Follow the guided process by answering the questions on each screen to complete your Will.

You will be able to login to MyOldMutual to edit and manage your will at any time.

Creating your Will online with us is easy! This is how to do it:

A woman goes through the easy process of creating her will on her computer and phone.

Why partner with us to draft a will

This is why you should create your will with us today:
What you need to know about willsWe've answered some questions you might have about wills and your estate.

    If you pass away without a will, it means you die intestate and the law kicks in. It then takes time for your beneficiaries to get their inheritance. In the meantime, they may be struggling to pay the bills, including your funeral expenses.

    Yes, of course, we have made it simple for you to do so anytime, anywhere. In fact, it's a good idea to revisit your will every few years or when you go through life changes like having a child, getting married or divorced. You can write a new will or make changes to your existing one by visiting our website and following the same process again. Simply login to MyOldMutual to edit and manage your will at any time.

    The role of an executor is to wrap your estate affairs as soon as possible. Old Mutual gives you the option to appoint an executor, at an additional extra fee. By doing so, you can have your will stored safely, and have your beneficiaries notified of the existence of your will after you pass.

    What happens to a will after the death of the person who wrote it depends on where it is stored. A will becomes a public document after the death of the testator.

    Old Mutual Will is a free will drafting service. Should you however require expert estate planning advice during the process of the drafting of your will, certain fees and charges may become payable. You also have the option to purchase the additional services available such as the collection and storage of your signed will, checking the Department of Home Affairs’ records to see whether you are still alive and/or the notification of a contact person in the event of your death. These additional services are not free. You will be able to get more information about the additional services and the fees that are charged for them online when accessing Old Mutual Will.