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What is Private Wealth Management?Private Wealth Management consists of passionate financial planners that want to empower you to make the right financial decisions based on your needs and aspirations. A financial plan has no value unless it is properly implemented through an appropriate investment strategy. Private Wealth Financial Planners do exactly that.
What's in it for you?
  • We make you the centre of our attention by building a relationship with you so that we can better understand your lifestyle, your concerns, your goals and your interests
  • Access to financial solutions from major industry players to ensure that you have the choice to make an informed decision.
  • Create, manage and protect your wealth with the wealth professionals
  • Access an extensive range of services that include estate planning, fiduciary services, stockbroking and structured finance
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How to get in touch

Contact one of our Private Wealth Management offices:

  • Cape Town 021 555 9300 | Stellenbosch 021 861 4400
  • Durban 031 267 5800
  • George 044 803 1200
  • Port Elizabeth 041 394 1700
  • Bryanston 011 685 7400 | Bedfordview 011 455 8600
  • Pretoria 012 366 1100

Find out more about Private Wealth Management by visiting the website.

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Why Private Wealth is good for youBecause we want you to succeed in achieving your goals.
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  • We look at risk holistically in the context of what you are trying to achieve, including how realistic your lifestyle goals are based on your financial circumstances. We spend time understanding risk in detail, and this is not limited to investment risk, but also includes inflation risk and behavioural risk.

  • PWM is passionate about people who are passionate about financial services and providing advice that is appropriate to their clients achieving their lifestyle goals.

    All our financial planners complete rigorous internal training. They need to have written and passed the FSB Regulatory Board Exams and are accredited to provide advice on the full range of Private Wealth Management solutions. Their qualifications/designation include either professional qualifications and/or Certified Financial Planner (CFP™).

    We encourage financial planners who fit our mould and share our passion for clients and helping them achieve their lifestyle to join our company.

    If you would like to make the switch to Private Wealth Management, please email us or give us a call 021 524 4400.