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What is Old Mutual's Linked Retirement Income?

With a unit trust-based living annuity, the money you've saved for your retirement is invested again in order to provide you with a regular income, freeing you up to go do the things you've always wanted to.

What's in it for you?
  • Select your own level and frequency of income.
  • Expose your retirement capital to the growth potential of the investment markets
  • Make your portfolio fit your needs by choosing from a wide range of Old Mutual unit trusts
  • No additional product fees - only pay for the unit trusts you choose
  • Choose a beneficiary to receive the death benefit.
  • Minimum investment amount is R50 000.
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    Why invest in a unit trust linked living annuity?
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    • You can transfer a minimum of R50 000.

    • No. Your income is not guaranteed and the value of your investment will fluctuate in line with the markets.

    • You can download the brochure here.