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What is Old Mutual Max Investments Optimal Retirement Plan?

The Old Mutual Max Investments Optimal Retirement Plan is a retirement annuity that adapts to life's twists and turns. Adjust your premium amount when you need to. Boost your fund value after five years. And add premium protection to keep your retirement plans on track.

Just because life is unpredictable, doesn't mean your golden years shouldn't glow.

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What's in it for you?
  • Reach your retirement goals, no matter what life throws your way
  • Get premium protection if you become disabled
  • Your contributions are tax deductible up to a certain amount
  • Pay no tax on the growth of your money
  • Access a range of fund options to meet your needs
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How do Investment Boosters work?

Stick with it and boost your retirement savings.

The Old Mutual Max Investment Optimal Retirement Plan is designed to boost your retirement savings over time. Boosters kick in on your fifth anniversary and give you a percentage of your fund value back.

If, for example, you invest R1 000/month, over 25 years you could earn over R300 000 more with an Investment Booster compared to not having the boost. Not too shabby.

    Why invest in Old Mutual's Max Investments Optimal Retirement PlanWe don't call it 'optimal' for nothing.
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    • At retirement you can take one third of your investment as a lump sum and then use the remaining two-thirds to purchase a life or living annuity. A life or a living annuity will provide you with an income once you retire. In the case of a life annuity you will be paid an income for the rest of your life. 

      The decision you make at retirement is arguably one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. For this reason Old Mutual has a variety of income options that you can choose from, that allow you to select the most appropriate solution for your needs. We encourage you to speak to financial adviser to help you understand your options.

      Please note that in certain circumstances (if it is less than a certain amount) you can take all of your investment as cash. 

      You can also choose to invest the whole amount (i.e. you needn't take one-third as cash).

    • Yes, Premium increases (annual or voluntary) can be made, but these are limited to 20% of the monthly premium each year, or R7 500 – whichever is greater.