Retire to the maxGet closer to your golden year goals with
Max Investments Flexible Plan for just R500 a month
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What is the Max Investments Flexible Plan?

When just getting through the month is a victory, saving for retirement can feel like a real challenge. The good news is that Max Investments Flexible Retirement Annuity Plan, a retirement annuity from Old Mutual, is designed to help you save for retirement, when you can, how you can.
What's in it for you?
  • Choose how you want to pay: once-off, regular payments or both
  • You have automatic access to leading funds managed by a range of top fund managers in South Africa
  • The longer you stay invested, the less you pay in asset plan charges
  • Your contributions are tax deductible up to a certain limit
    Why retire with Old Mutual's Max Investments Flexible PlanLife is flexible. So are we.

    Want to find out more about Max Investments Flexible Plan?Here are some answers to your questions. Need more? Call us on 0860 60 60 67 and let's chat.

    • You have automatic access to leading funds managed by a range of the top fund managers in South Africa. This means that you can, for example, combine an Old Mutual fund, an Allan Gray fund and an Investec fund all in a single Max Investments plan. You benefit from consolidated reporting on the performance of your investments as well as a convenient single point of contact to manage your investments on an ongoing basis.

    • The Max Investments Retirement Annuity Flexible Investment Plan gives you the freedom to choose to invest via any of the following:

      • A once-off investment
      • A schedule of future regular investments
      • A combination of the above 

      No commitment to future investments is necessary.

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