Secure your wheels!Cars, bakkies or 4 x 4 -
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with motorsure car insurance.

What is Car Insurance?

Have you or someone you know ever fallen prey to a smash-and-grab or car jamming? It's a daunting experience and we're here to help. As criminals find new ways to steal your car, stay protected with motorsure. motorsure is affordable car insurance that protects you and your car against accidents, fire, theft, and third party claims. Get that quote today!
What's in it for you?
  • Affordable premiums
  • We take care of towing costs
  • We'll replace damaged keys, locks or remotes
  • Get access to 24/7 Emergency Assist
  • There is optional car hire
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How does car insurance work?
  • Whether you drive a private car, goods vehicle, 4x4 or 4x2, we've got you covered, get your quote.
  • We also offer Road Emergency Services as part and parcel of your policy – protecting you against any unforeseen incident. This benefit covers up to a total cost of R4 000, or two events per year.
  • The services include: a flat tyre or battery, keys locked inside your vehicle, running out of fuel, mechanical/electrical breakdown (excluding accidents), towing services and we send urgent messages to your loved ones.
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Why motorsure?Car insurance that safeguards your vehicle and offers you emergency assistance.
DRIVING LESS? Save up to 30% with Usage-based Insurance (UBI)Have more questions about car insurance?

If you need extra info about your insurance options, feel free to contact us on 0860 22 55 63.

    For a fast and easy claims settlement process, call 0861 24 7 365 or visit our claims page. For emergency assistance contact us on 0860 24 7 365.

    The replacement value of goods is what it would cost you to replace all your belongings with similar brand-new ones at the time of a claim. When you submit a claim, your insurer will calculate the replacement value you should have insured yourself for. If you have insured your belongings for less than this amount, your insurer will only pay a part of your claim and you will be responsible for the difference.

    To have an insurable interest in an item, you would stand to suffer direct, measurable, financial loss if the item were lost, damaged or destroyed. For example, if your TV set to the value of R2 000 has been stolen from your home, as the owner of the TV you would have suffered a measurable loss of R2 000 due to your having a financial (insurable) interest in the TV set.

    Under-insurance means you don't have adequate insurance to cover the full replacement value of the assets you have insured. For example, let’s say you’ve insured your household contents for R80 000 and your house is broken into. Goods with a replacement value of R30 000 are stolen, which you claim under your home insurance policy with Old Mutual Insure. Following an assessment, it is found that the current replacement value of your total household goods before the theft was actually R100 000 and not R80 000 as insured. This means that you were under-insured by 20% and only 80% of your claim will be paid, i.e. R24 000 and not the R30 000 claimed.

    An excess (also known as a deductible or first amount payable) is essentially an underwriting fee charged to minimise the number of small administratively expensive claims, or to reduce a loss ratio, and to impose a duty of care on the insured. Excesses are usually charged either as a percentage of a claim, or as a fixed amount. For example, if you lose your watch, valued at R800, and the excess applicable is R200, the claim will be settled in the amount of R600. However, if a burst pipe results in damage of R375 to a ceiling and the excess applicable is R500, the cost would be for your own account due to it being less than the R500 excess.

    Changes of information could affect your cover and your premium, and as such need to be communicated to us immediately. These changes could include moving to a new residence, changing the regular driver of your insured motor vehicle, convictions for offences relating to dishonesty (against you or someone covered under your policy) and allowing tenants to rent your property.

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