Old Mutual Insure claimsWe believe that you should always have a
positive claims experience with a quick
and easy process.

How to claim

At Old Mutual Insure, we believe that you should always have a positive claims experience. We aim for a speedy turnaround time and want the process to be as easy and stress-free for you as possible.

Follow one of the below options to register a claim.
To register a claim contact your broker or call 0860 24 7 365.

Complaints and ComplimentsComplaints Process
  • When you contact Old Mutual Insure, the call centre, operational department or branch has the responsibility to solve the complaint.
  • If the complaint cannot be solved within the operational department or branch, it can be escalated to the Relationship Manager or Manager at the operational department or branch.
  • Should the complaint still not be satisfactorily resolved, you may refer the matter to the Complaints Management team.
Complaints Process

If you have a compliment you can email us or you can call us on 0860 63 43 57.

Approved Motor Body Repairers

Old Mutual Insure has approved Motor Body Repairers (MBR’S) located around the country.

Motorbody Repairers
Magical Moments

At Old Mutual Insure we believe in the power of connecting with our customers in real and meaningful ways through our Magical Moments.

Magical Moments