Be the boss
of budgeting
Create a budget and have a much
easier time managing your money.

Want to know how to budget?

Let us help you take charge of your finances so you can invest and save more for your future. It's not an easy task, especially with all the temptations and latest trends that distract you from reaching your financial goals. We all do it, right? splurge on items we don't need. You need to have will power and be intentional about your budget.

How do I budget like a boss?

Start by making a note of every rand you spend, luckily with a smartphone you can download 22seven, a free budgeting tool."

. Divide your expenses into groups:

  • Fixed expenses - these are essentials like utility bills, rent, mortgage, levy, insurance, debt repayments, subscriptions and bank fees.
  • Variable expenses - can change monthly like your groceries, toiletries, transport, data, clothes, fuel and entertainment.
  • Saving expenses - If you have a goal you are saving towards then it's best to also add the expenses that come with your savings plan.
A South African woman stops working on her budget and looks away with her glasses in one hand.
Why do I need to budget?There are many reasons why it’s important to budget especially if you don't know what happens to your money by the end of the month.
Find a formula that works for you

Experts often mention the 50/20/30 formula. That means allocating 

  • 50% of your budget for fixed expenses and, 
  • 30% for flexible costs, with 
  • 20% going towards saving. 

If it's hard to do it on your own then check out 22seven. It will help you by creating a personalised budget and keep track of your money.

Numbers, formulas, and graphs emerging from a tablet being held from a person.
Things you need to know about your finances

With everyone trying to tighten their budgets, many are looking for innovative ways to save and stretch their money.