Old Mutual Savings &
Investment Monitor 2021

Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor 2021

This annual survey tracks the shifts in the attitudes and behaviours of working metropolitan South African households. Like last year, we concentrated on the impact made by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our research was conducted online with over 1500 respondents. As a responsible, customer-centric company, we use these findings to deepen our understanding of customers’ changing lifestyles and to find innovative ways to respond to their evolving financial needs. Enabling our customers to become their exceptional best is our goal. Our message to you all is: There is no greater time than Now to Know Better so that you can Do Better.
Research Findings

Everything you need to know about the 2021 Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor.

Key Findings

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Full OMSIM 2021 Research Report

Key Findings & Financial Education TipsFather pouring hand sanitiser onto his daughter's hands
Key Findings - VideosA lady smiling at the cameraFinancial Education Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions cover the following topics:

  • Saving and investing
  • Emergency savings
  • Loss of or reduced income
  • Debt
  • Retirement planning
  • Simple steps to a healthy future

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Speaker Profiles
  • Iain Williamson - Old Mutual Chief Executive Officer
  • Izak Odendaal - Old Mutual Multi-Managers Investment Strategist
  • John Manyike - Head of Financial Education at Old Mutual
  • Lynette Nicholson - Senior Manager: Marketing Research & Insights at Old Mutual
  • Mosala Phillips - Old Mutual Chief Marketing Officer
  • Arabile Gumede - Financial Journalist

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History of OMSIM

Since 2009 the annual Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor (OMSIM) has tracked and probed the savings and investment habits of working metropolitan households in South Africa. The findings and insights are widely shared during National Savings Month in July. The survey’s ultimate goal is to empower consumers to manage their finances more effectively.

Why do the research?

In today’s world, and our current Covid-19 new normal, it is vital for us to find ways to connect with our customers and our society, to support them as they seek to meet their diverse range of financial needs, challenges and aspirations. Applied knowledge is power, and with our 176 years of experience, we understand that if you Know Better you can Do Better.

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Let's hear it from the people

Interesting insights from some of our interviewees.

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Previous Results

The Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor surveys the savings and investment habits and behaviours of working metro households in South African. View all the resutls since the inception of the Monitor.