Sickness Income benefit

Getting booked off sick can disrupt your income majorly, especially when you’re a self-employed professional who earns an income from the fees you charge, or are an employed professional who will not get paid when your sick leave days are depleted. GREENLIGHT’s Sickness Income benefit is designed to pay you an income when you are booked off sick for longer than your waiting period.

How does it work?

This benefit pays you a monthly income if you are booked off sick for longer than your waiting period (7 days or 1 month). It is designed to replace 100% of your net income if you are booked off for the full day and 50% if you are booked off for part of the day.

You will receive up to 24 monthly income payments for related events and you can claim multiple times for unrelated events. We will not verify loss of income when you claim. This benefit is exclusive to selected graduates and professionals.

More reasons to choose GREENLIGHT Sickness Income Benefit:

  • We cover you during gaps in employment, while you’re on sabbatical or on unpaid leave.
  • You don’t need to prove loss of income when you claim.
  • We don’t take other sources of income into account at claim stage.
  • Our claiming process is easy.
  • You can earn Rewards points.

Download GREENLIGHT Sickness Income Benefit Key Features Document.

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