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We offer support and tools to financial planners
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How we partner with financial planners for growth

Wealth means countless different things to us all and how your clients define their needs is unique to them. Your role is to understand their priorities and help them make decisions that will grow, leverage, protect and, ultimately, transfer their wealth from one generation to the next. This means spending time establishing trust and building relationships.

However, at the same time, your clients also need good administrative and professional support, which means dealing with multiple bespoke client portfolios, answering every client query, client reporting, consolidating client data for review and keeping on top of due diligence.

Our mission is to help you succeed in your dual role of Financial Planner and Business Owner, by streamlining background operations so that you can focus on adding value.
Meaningful client conversations to take their wealth further

We want our clients to be engaging, to ask you the questions that challenges the norms of the financial planning industry. Questions that lead to having powerful, yet meaningful conversations. As an essential partner on your client’s wealth journey, we equip you with all the tools and financial planning processes that are geared towards understanding your client, and adjusting to their needs when their world evolves.

Working with a financial planner is an important step in any client’s financial journey.  Which is why we do everything to help you and your clients to get the maximum value of the financial planning process.

A financial planner chats to his elderly client about his investments.
Rapid Business Assessment

The world of financial planning is accelerating at a rapid pace. There is a significant shift in trends that promises to reshape the ways that successful financial planners stay ahead in an everchanging environment. 

We need to start reimaging the roles and functions in our businesses and upskilling and re-skilling for the world and client of the future. Old Mutual Wealth’s business coaches focus on the practice management areas of your business and have developed a rapid business assessment to help you diagnose the health of your practice.

A woman goes online to access the rapid business assessment tool via her tablet
Take your business further

We offer specialist support to financial planners in a number of ways.