Your future, our focusOld Mutual Multi-Managers offer affordable investments
that blend together the best of South African and offshore asset managers.

What are Multi-Managers?

We are a specialist investment boutique, designed to help you navigate the complex South African investment landscape. We deliver specialised investment offerings and administration services for corporate, institutional and individual investors. Our goal? To deliver a truly personal service built on a clear understanding of what you want your future to look like. Our team of highly skilled and experienced multi-managers use in-depth analysis and expertise to construct a portfolio that meets your investment objectives.
Responsible Investing

Investing with a responsible and sustainable focus is key for Old Mutual Multi-Managers and for our clients. The Covid-19 pandemic has once again highlighted the global importance of environmental, social and governance considerations in ensuring the sustainability of underlying investments.

The latest Old Mutual Multi-Managers Responsible Investing Report highlights the progress made in promoting our priority issues over the past year, but also shows where challenges remain.

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Our approach

Old Mutual Multi-Managers brings experience, skills and insights to your investment objectives.

Our people

The importance of individuals in a business like ours can never be underestimated. We are as great as our people.

We look for bold people. Intelligent people. People who not only have proven academic ability, but also inherent lateral thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

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Our philosophy

The primary focus of Old Mutual Multi-Managers is ensuring that all our portfolios consistently outperform inflation. We are convinced that this is the single most important consideration for any investor, whether individual, corporate, or retirement fund.

Then, with that key objective in place, our investment philosophy builds on this 'inflation plus' approach by clearly defining each portfolio's target objectives and then working to deliver precisely on these objectives.

Defining these target objectives ensures that our investment teams and asset managers have clear targets to work towards, which keeps them 100% focused and prevents them from being distracted by market shifts or investor sentiment.

Our investment philosophy is underpinned by three integrated pillars of:

  • a long-term investment horizon
  • risk diversification across asset classes and asset managers
  • a valuation-driven approach that informs all our asset manager and asset selection decisions

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Why choose Old Mutual Wealth's Multi-Managed Funds