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Offshore Planning enables you to invest across
the globe to ensure a stable portfolio.
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What is Offshore Planning?

Old Mutual’s Offshore Planning ensures that you have a well-diversified financial portfolio that includes direct offshore exposure. This potentially exposes your capital to growth across regions, sectors and economies. In addition, by including investments denominated in other currencies, you reduce your vulnerability to local currency risk.
The benefits of Offshore InvestingWhy you should choose to invest around the globe.

Advantages of offshore investing:

  • The South African financial market comprises only one percent of
    the global market. By allocating a portion of your investments
    offshore, you could spread the risk, and enhance the possibility of
    generating better returns by diversifying
  • Save on paying tax in tax havens or low tax jurisdictions. Offshore
    investments could be owned by an offshore trust for estate
    planning purposes
  • Offshore investing offers a hedge for people who fear political or
    social unrest and is also a way to protect your investments against
    the depreciation of the rand

Your options to invest offshore:

  • The simplest way to invest is through our offshore platform, which is
    operated locally by a registered provider
  • You can also invest in offshore share portfolios that are managed
    and reported on locally or in endowments

Considerations for investing offshore:

  • Objective or motivation
  • Length of time for which you want to invest
  • Risk tolerance
  • Foreign exchange control regulations
  • Tax implications and bank charges

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