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What are Strategy Funds?

We have specifically designed our Strategy Funds to help you achieve the returns required to meet your investment goals. Experienced teams of investment experts are responsible for managing these funds to meet your objectives and to beat inflation over time. There are a number of different strategy funds to cater for different levels of required return and risk, each with an associated suggested investment horizon to help you make the right choice.
About our Strategy Funds

How we craft our strategy funds to help meet your goals.

What you get in all our Strategy Funds

Associated time horizon to achieve return targets

Each strategy fund has a suggested minimum investment period to indicate how long you might need to invest to achieve your targeted return. The higher your expected return, the longer you may need to invest.

Fully diversified portfolio across all asset classes

Strategy funds are invested across all the different asset classes available to a South African investor, including a number of international asset classes. This diversification not only helps to provide a large selection of assets to generate returns for you, but also helps to reduce the risk associated with any single investment.

Managed by a professional team of experts

A team of experienced investment professionals are responsible for managing each of our strategy funds. They not only make sure the funds are optimally structured to achieve your required return, but monitor and adjust the portfolios every hour of every day to take into account the latest market movements.

Strategy funds are designed with one important goal in mind: to deliver returns above inflation.

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How we build strategy funds

Strategic asset allocation

Based on extensive and ongoing historic analysis of all asset classes, each strategy fund starts with a mixture of assets that historically would have given you the best chance to achieve your targeted return.

Tactical asset allocation

Because an allocation based on historic analysis might not always be appropriate, the mixture of assets in each strategy fund is actively adjusted over time to reflect the prevailing market conditions. So you do not have to worry how changes in the market might affect your portfolio. We'll make the changes on your behalf.

Manager selection

Most of our strategy funds are managed by more than one team of fund managers, each with their own area of expertise and complementary skills. We select these managers based on their proven track record in a specific area of investing and then combine them to maximise the return potential while managing the risk of being too exposed to any single team’s decisions.

Active management and constant monitoring

Because markets are continually changing, we actively monitor and manage our strategy funds to reflect current conditions. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with a portfolio that will automatically adjust to make sure you can achieve your required return.

4 steps to achieve your required returns.

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