Tailored Fund
Model portfolio solutions to help your clients 
achieve their specific financial goals

About Tailored Fund Portfolios

Tailored Fund Portfolios is the Discretionary Fund Management capability offered by Old Mutual Wealth. We create and manage a range of solutions that provide a consistent, reliable approach to investment. Through our consistent process of asset allocation, manager selection and investment philosophy, we have designed a range of solutions to meet your clients’ investment objectives.

Old Mutual Wealth Tailored Fund Portfolios is the first Investment Manager in South Africa certified for fiduciary excellence. The independent certification process was first offered in the USA in June 2006: Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). We are among the first Investment Managers to successfully complete it.

We believe it is crucial for asset management businesses to recognize that responsible investing and fiduciary care are essential to driving sustainable business practices in our industry. CEFEX provides a key solution to the South African financial services industry in ensuring independent verification of the operating models and processes in asset management as well as financial advice.
Tailored Fund Portfolios Core Range

Our Core Range provides offers comprehensive range of investment solutions designed to meet the following client objectives:

  • Targeting inflation
  • Diversifying offshore
  • Sustaining an income for life after retirement
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More about our Core Range offering

What we do, and how we do it.

Portfolio Construction and Management

Our solutions combine active and passive management styles across various asset classes. Our asset allocation process helps investors reduce risk through diversification to reach their investment goals. Therefore, we utilise a multi-manager approach with diversified asset allocation, using specialist managers for each asset class, who has the client objective in mind. With our strong team and a robust selection process, we mostly incorporate a multi-managed building block approach, providing you with access to the best asset managers globally.

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Investment Strategy and Research

We leverage the economic research and input regarding strategic asset allocation off Old Mutual Multi-Managers, coupled with our in-house research into indexation to select the most suitable combination of active and index asset managers within each asset class, based on the merits of the different investment strategies.

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Benefits To Your Practice

Practice scalability – aligning your advice process behind our model portfolios allows you to standardise your investment book.

Client acquisition and retention we provide an investment analysis function to aid you in identifying suitable solutions. Our model portfolios complements your advice process, allowing you to focus on identifying and managing the unique objectives of your clients.

Cost-effective solution We manage Total Investment Cost by securing institutional mandates with managers, avoiding performance fees, as well as blending index and active elements, based on market efficiency.

Addressing compliance and regulation more effectively We take care of all compliance management requirements.

More stringent asset manager due diligence We ensure the asset managers remain true to their mandates, achieving the necessary returns while keeping the client’s objectives in mind.

Reduced administration We reduce administration by simplifying implementation.

Platform availability We have partnered with a wide range of LISP platforms to provide you with broader access to our model portfolios.

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    Solutions to meet client needs

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