Treasury and Advisory
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What are Treasury and Advisory Services?

Old Mutual's Treasury and Advisory Services (TAS) provides clients with a range of cash and liquidity management solutions using third party products such as bank deposits, structured products, collective investment schemes, Shariah compliant investments and endowments.

We strive to find the most appropriate cash or structured instruments and negotiate the highest possible rates with various financial institutions on your behalf. We then constantly monitor and manage these instruments to ensure that they continue to meet your needs.

Who will benefit?

We offer customised solutions to clients seeking:

  • An investment portfolio that allows their funds to be invested optimally for a seamless flow between their bank and investment accounts
  • Capital protection
  • Easy access to funds
  • Diversification of risk
  • Access to a Portfolio Manager

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Treasury Management Solutions

We have a range of solutions to answer your needs.

Corporate Cash Manager

The Corporate Cash Manager provides higher levels of interest by investing in either call or fixed deposit instruments. Our team monitors the counter party risk by regularly reviewing the counterparty’s global credit ratings. The counter parties have a minimum credit rating of Aa as per Moody’s.

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Enhanced Treasury Manager

The Enhanced Treasury Manager provides a hybrid solution with the objective of earning higher levels of interest. Returns are optimised by investing in high yielding money market funds and call deposits, while simultaneously providing liquidity on invested funds. Three money market funds are typically used, each with a minimum rating of AA- as per global credit ratings.

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Specialised Income Fund

The Specialised Income Fund offers a liquid, dividend-yielding investment that tracks the domestic short-term interest rate cycle. The income distributed aims to exceed the average after-tax yield of the short-term interest rate cycle.

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Structured/Wrapped Solutions

Why choose Old Mutual's Treasury & Advisory Solutions?