What we offerWe offer a basket of services, tools and resources that
supports the advice that you give to your clients.
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Our Business is aligned with yours

This means every tool, support system, solution, strategy and process is designed specifically to help you to deliver the bespoke, client experience that your discerning clients expect. Our role in partnering with you is to enhance the value of your practice by maximising efficiencies and increasing your profitability, scalability, persistency and client base. We’re committed to building long-term relationships and see our full range specialist support as a partnership that will benefit your clients and your business.
Specialist support

Wealth Management

Fiduciary Specialist, Portfolio Managers, Offshore Specialists, Fund Specialists, Investment Specialists and Research and Investment Management Team

Financial Planning

Financial Planning tools (Wealth integrator and Personal goal planner), Comprehensive reports and plans, Aligned portfolios management, Life coaching, One-on-one coaching and Continuous learning

Business Management Services

Client comms management, Client portfolio management, Workshops, One-on-one coaching and Integrated planning

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Our Investment Strategy

Our investment strategies create a link between the return the client needs to achieve their goals and the return the clients targeting from their investment fund.

As an Integrated Wealth Planner, we coach you through an induction programme followed by workshops and a one-on-one coaching programme. The IWP process follows the 6-step financial planning process in line with the FPI guidelines. The Wealth Integrator tool underpins the Integrated Wealth Planning process and our advice philosophy.

By giving clients a visual image of the impact of money throughout their lives and allowing them to make adjustments and trade-offs, the Wealth Integrator helps clients to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations in a way they feel most comfortable with. The process allows the financial planner to play the role of a financial coach, working together with the client to co-create the client’s own unique and bespoke financial plan.

Our Investment Strategy
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