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Old Mutual
World of Endurance


With a wide variety of high quality endurance events in its sponsorship portfolio, Old Mutual is well positioned to be more than just another event sponsor.

With event participants always eager to improve on their performances, Old Mutual World of Endurance aims to be the number one platform for event news, training information, race advice, gear choices and more. Our aim is to own the endurance space and to make World of Endurance the ultimate endurance platform.

By incorporating the very best that our events have to offer and marrying them with expert advice from the country’s top endurance specialists, the World of Endurance will be a one-stop shop for South Africa’s outdoor enthusiasts, at the same time allowing Old Mutual to create a hub of endurance content

Through the World of Endurance, participants of Old Mutual’s events – and those participating in any endurance event throughout the country – will be able to plan for greatness by tapping into a vast reserve of information and knowledge.

With a long-term strategy that seeks to mirror that of investing, Old Mutual World of Endurance will provide athletes with all the necessary tools to do great things, be it at the Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon or at The Comrades Marathon.

Information is the key to planning a successful ride or run, and that’s exactly what Old Mutual World of Endurance will provide: a place where participants, clients and future participants can learn from the best coaches, the widest range of resources and the most experienced athletes in South Africa.

World of Endurance is Old Mutual’s space to connect with people who are passionate about going the distance.