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The Ten Golden Steps to your Comrades Success

The Comrades Marathon is around the corner – follow this 10 Golden Step approach to harness all your training and preparation together for your peak performance for the Up-Run assault.

The colour of your medal and even the time of your finish, will have been cast by your training when you enter the final three weeks of taper: Your ability to rest and recover, the strategy and pacing adopted on race day, and your energy and fluid replacement in the race will determine just how close you will get to your potential finish time.

Download the Comrades race guide.

Compiled by Old Mutual Virtual Coach, Norrie Williamson
Old Mutual Virtual Coach, Norrie Williamson, represented South Africa, Great Britain and Scotland in Triathlons, Ultra World and Continental championships. Coach Norrie provides great advice which comes from the experience he has gained as a South African National, an IAAF & Great British Senior Coach and from running over 140 ultra-marathons including 20 Comrades (best 6:07). He has 10 silver Old Mutual Two Oceans ultra-Marathons and has won over 15 ultras from 100km to 1000km.
Article first published in The Mercury, Friday, 24 April.