Retirement CalculatorWork out what you could earn at retirement.

Are you saving enough for retirement?

Use our retirement calculator to work out what you could earn at retirement and how much you still need to save to achieve your retirement goal. We also have our team of accredited financial advisers ready to help you save for your retirement.
Retirement savings calculatorWork out your monthly income when you retire

Feel free to view and adjust the assumptions applied in this calculation. The results should be used as an indication only. View Assumptions

Assumptions applied in this calculation

To evaluate your required contribution we've calculated a default retirement period of 20 years. This can be adjusted in the field below.

Please note! Your life span may vary and this could impact your retirement savings

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Want to know more about retirement savings?

    With any financial goal, you’ll probably get the advice to start saving for it sooner than later.

    And though retirement seems a long way off, starting to save for it right away is vital. The number of South Africans who’ll be able to maintain their living standard after retirement is low – estimates vary from 6 to 25 percent for a phase of life that can last 30 years.

    Learn more about when you should be thinking of saving for your retirement.

    This would generally depend on your unique retirement needs and the lifestyle you want to lead at retirement. The rule of thumb is that you should consistently save between 15% and 20% of your gross monthly income while you are aged 20 to 60 to retire comfortably.

    But the truth is, not many have had the luxury to save this much towards their retirement. To solve for it, our retirement calculator can help you determine how much you still need to save in order to retire comfortably. Calculate now and start securing your future.

    So you've decided to start saving for retirement, but after using our calculators, you realise you can’t afford the recommended monthly contribution. What now?

    Learn more about how you can solve the problem of not being able to afford to save for retirement.